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  • Real Value Hotel in Battambang & All room complementary with coffee

  • Nice New Hotel and Friendly Staff & Top Quality Budget Accommodation

  • Welcome to Vanne Hotel

  • Welcome to Vanne Hotel

  • Welcome to Vanne Hotel

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>> Battambang Traditional Livelihoods

Battambangers' traditional livelihoods
This  is a great way to see the countryside and local industries near Battambang,  which is the center of vast rice fields and other farming. Biking and learning  about villagers’ lives with bilingual knowledgeable tour guide who lived and  experienced the rest of their lives. Talk and meet local people and try local  fruit in a peaceful countryside.

What to see, learn, and do?
Rice Paper  Making     Donteav village is located in the North of  Battambang, about 7 km from the Battamang town. This village is famous about  hand made product. Going on our tour, we bring you to see the real activities of  making rice paper. Rice paper is very popular and it is their favorite food.  Rice paper can make as spring roles, fried spring roles, fresh spring roles,  etc. Sometimes, I see the kids eat with chili and salt as their snacks when they  feel hungry.

Dried Banana   this stop is mainly  share you guys about how local fruit in Battambang and you will see the lady who  has been making dried banana for more than 20 years. We will learn about their  and how can they earn a living. The family that we visit is really friendly and  welcome us and you will have a lot of chances to talk with them with your tour  guide translate for you.

Rice Wine    after visiting dried  banana and rice paper, your guide will take to visit rice wine. You will learn a  lot about what are the Battambang resident habits and norms. Besides watching  the guys producing rice wine, if you want to try rice wine, they are welcome you  to try rice wine for free. According to my real experience, when I took the  guest there, I have tried rice wine too, it was really good warm and its smell  very nice too.

Khmer Noodle    it is very  interesting to see how Khmer noodle is being produce. If never been in Cambodia  countryside before, I think you may never seen manual pounder. And if we arrive  on time that they are pounding noodle, we will just try to pound with them and  it is really funny way to alleviate their hardness. 

Fish paste making    bike on  the route to fish paste marketing which is known as the biggest fish paste  market in Battambang. Its smell is a bit bad if we are not get used to it smell  it. At this stop we will show you more about Cambodia fishery areas and where  can they find the fish.

Coconut Drink    After  visiting a few stops, you probably will be a bit tired and we will drink coconut  juice all together under the cool ancient house. We also can relax on hammock  and if someone know how to play guitar they can play there as well.

Bamboo Rice Cake    on the  way back to Battambang town, we will stop more at the bamboo rice cake and try  this cake all together. Before you trying the cake, your tour guide will tell  you about how to make this cake and you will how the cake is being produced. 

Memorial Site    This is the  final stop of the half day traditional livelihood. You will learn more about  Cambodia current issues and the history of Pol Pot regime. You also will see  many skulls and bones that they keep it in the memorial.

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